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19 June
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Empty block at 8am, home sweet home by midday

Residents of Godson Avenue in Blackheath woke up last Thursday morning, looked out the window and thought to themselves “is that a bird, is that a plane?”.
Nanjing Night Net

The answer was “no, it’s a flying combined living/dining room with fully installed fittings.”.

Instead of building their dream house on-site, Catherine and Tony Harker decided to design their own eco-friendly home and have it factory-built in four separate portable sections by Central Coast-based company Parkwood Modular Buildings.

It was delivered by truck escorted by police vehicles in the early hours of May 9.

From 8am each eight tonne section was lifted by a crane with a 100-tonne carrying capacity from street level, above a row of gum trees and down into exact position upon a series of metal stilts in the Harker’s property.

By 10am half the house was installed and by midday Mrs Harker was proudly giving the Gazette a tour inside her assembled home, with the crane still visible in the background from the sun-drenched balcony.

“It was amazing, even weird, actually watching the parts being lifted — at one point I was thinking to myself oh dear, I hope they clear the overhead power lines,” Mrs Harker said.

“The precision involved in delivering and installing the house this morning was remarkable.

“I think it was a great way to build because the sustainability of the site is what I really wanted to achieve and it was also a good outcome for our neighbours because it meant there was only one day of noise nuisance to put up with during construction.”

Mrs Hawker, a designer by trade whose son happens to be an architect, told the Gazette she custom-designed the three-bedroom house and all its fittings, its north-facing living areas and grey colourbond steel facades.

The property has excellent insulation to minimise energy use, the latest fire resistant materials and has two 5000 litre water tanks that can be used to water the gardens and flush the toilets, but also for drinking water when a water filter is activated.

“I chose the exterior colours to blend in with the surrounding trees and so as to not stand out like a sore thumb.

“All the electrical and plumbing within the property was completed in the factory so it can now be connected to the mains.

“All that is left to do in the next fortnight or so is to paint the interiors, give everything a final check and build a garage on the concrete slab and a driveway.

“Then I’ll be putting my gardening gloves on.”

A crane lifts a section of the Harker family’s dream home above a row of trees on Godson Avenue, Blackheath last Thursday morning.

The living/dining room and main bedroom of the home is lowered carefully into place onto a set of stilts.

Done: The house is fully assembled by midday and ready for the final touches to be made.

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19 June
Comments Off on Lizards like a safe yard

Lizards like a safe yard

Question: We have a blue tongued lizard living in our small enclosed backyard. Luckily we don’t have any dogs and we are happy it is there as we don’t like pesticides and stuff in our yard so it can eat up snails etc.
Nanjing Night Net

Ask the Vet: Blue Tongue Lizard

There are dogs either side of us and we hope it doesn’t wander next door as I know they can squeeze out under fences. We have found him in the front yard and have put him back in the backyard.

Is there anything we can do to feed or take care of it to keep it happy to want to stay?

Answer: As most people are aware, blue tongued lizards are relatively common in our area and many people will have them in their yards.

These lizards hide in dense vegetation, under rocks, boards, logs and in cervices. They eat a large variety of things including plants and animals. They are particularly fond of snails and other invertebrates.

They are relatively slow-moving and thus are often subject to attacks by dogs and cats, and it is common for blue tongued lizards to be submitted to our hospital with bite wounds.

If you have them in your yard and want to keep them from straying, then one should make sure that there is shelter for them to hide in.

The addition of partially buried clay or PVC pipes or piles of branches, logs or other wood will provide them with places to hide.

It is also suggested that the addition of bushes that grow close to the ground will provide them with cover and make them feel more secure in your yard. A fine wire or plastic fencing placed along the edge of the property might also discourage them moving into a yard where there are dogs.

For more information on making your yard blue-tongue friendly please see the NSW Department of Environment and Sustainability website (www.environment.nsw.gov.au/buddies/MakeYourBackyardBlue-tongueFriendly.htm).

It is almost winter. This means the blue tongues will be going into a type of hibernation and will become scarce. Thus you may not see your blue tongue from now until September, or only see them on warm days.

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19 June
Comments Off on Nurioopta respond

Nurioopta respond

Nuriootpa responded to last week’s shock 14-point loss at Freeling with a gutsy, backs-to-the-wall three-point win over Gawler Central.
Nanjing Night Net

The Nuri Tigers were written off as having no chance due to the absence of key quartet Duncan Cragg-Sapsford, Cale Ellison, Nathan Rayner and Zac Dahms but someone forgot to tell Nat Salter and his team.

“We’ve been seeking an even contribution from everyone and it came together nicely for us this week,” Salter said.

“In recent years we’ve been on the wrong end of close games like this one so it was good to get a win in a season where that one win will be crucial at the end of the year.”

With Cragg-Sapsford out it was left to youngsters Dan Burgess and Lachlan Franz to carry the ruck duties against one of the best big men in the business (Luke Howard)and to their credit the two did a fine job of nullifying his influence at the stoppages. Perhaps the biggest win for the home side was their discipline in playing a team role to draw Howard out of the way when the ball was heading into their forward line.

With Nuri’s big forwards having little impact on the scoreboard Salter was the player to step up with seven goals playing as a permanent forward while first gamer Taylor Laverty chipped with a pair as did Ryan Foulis.

Jack Juniper has a new role at Tigerland with the former Fremantle-listed player not having much luck in front of goal this year Salter has chosen to play him further up the ground as a conduit to goal.

“Jack’s the perfect guy to have delivering the ball into the forward line as his passes are so precise.”

Despite leading all day Central couldn’t land the killer blow and this loss could haunt them in September. Central’s twin-pronged forward line of Brad Mercer and Paul Bova delivered nine goals (six and three respectively) but Central couldn’t capitalise on many of their forward entries.

“We weren’t composed enough going forward, too often we went in and the ball just came back over our heads whereas Nuri seemed to hit targets and get shots on goal,” said new recruit Matt Phillips.

Having key midfielder Clint Hill stretchered off after a head clash in the second term didn’t help the visiting Tigers, although he did return later.

Nuri captain Craig Gogoll played a pivotal role in the fourth quarter when shifted onto Mercer keeping him goalless from that point. Taking the lead with five minutes left in the game Nuri defended perfectly forcing turnovers with Central players trying to centre the ball across half back a glaring example of inexperience in tight situations.

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19 June
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Rider no longer alone in desert

Big ride ahead: Camden’s Chris Gruar camps in the desert on the border between Iran and Turkmenistan. Big ride ahead: Camden’s Chris Gruar camps in the desert on the border between Iran and Turkmenistan.
Nanjing Night Net

CAMDEN’S Chris Gruar has just five days to cycle 500km across Turkmenistan to reach Uzbekistan.

Mr Gruar, who is cycling from England to Camden to raise money for the Association for International Cancer Research, said he has met two Spanish cyclists who were making the same ride across Turkmenistan.

“It will be great to share the road again and have some companions out in the desert when we camp under the stars,” he said.

“There will also no doubt be a lot of headwind, and with three of us we will be able to take it in turns fighting the frontal onslaughts of the wind.”

Read Chris Gruar’s full story below.

Where have you cycled to and from this week?

This week I have reached the Turkmenistan border, ready for the ‘Turkmen Dash’ across the country.

How many kilometres roughly have you covered?

This week I rested up in Mashhad and took my time to reach the Turkmenistan border, covering about two hundred kilometres in three days of riding. In Turkmenistan I have just 5 days to ride over five hundred kilometres to reach Uzbekistan, so a more relaxed week in preparation was greatly needed this week.

What sort of obstacles or difficulties have you encountered this week?

My biggest obstacle was not to give into temptation; I could have booked a leisurely 200km train trip to the border, and enjoy festive meals and parties with my friends for three days in Mashhad. Instead I had to stubbornly jump back on the saddle and ride the road alone to take me eastwards. At times the pressure of riding every inch can be frustrating, and it’s hard not to envy cyclers who readily take public transport when they don’t feel like riding. I know that on returning the satisfaction of cycling the whole way will be immense, and that I owe it to all the people following and donating towards the cycling4cancer adventure!

How are you feeling?

I was stoked this week to receive my Turkmenistan visa without even going to the embassy; for a mere $20 I had a contact organise all the paperwork for me and process the visa on my behalf, thus avoiding potentially two weeks of going to the consulates in two cities! I have met two Spanish friends who will accompany over the next week to Turkmenistan. It will be great to share the road again and have come companions out in the desert when we camp under the stars. There will also no doubt be a lot of headwind, and with three of us we will be able to take it in turns fighting the frontal onslaughts of the wind.

What is the country like around you at the moment?

Thankfully there was a gradual descent to the border, passing through long stretches of grassland on flat plains.

What has the weather been like?

Not a hint of rain and gorgeous sunshine; I’ve wisely invested in two tubs of sunscreen for the long shade less desert stretches ahead. I was told that in winter Mashhad reaches as low at minus 28 degrees, so it seems that finally I have reached destinations in the right season!

Do you have any anecdotes about this week to tell us?

I got a ‘helping hand’ this week, literally! Two young lads on a motorbike stopped and when I rode past motioned for me to grab a hold of their passengers arm. I had never tried to hitch a lift with the arm of a motorcyclist, but with a wide smooth shoulder it seemed safe enough to take me through the headwind. It was exhilarating to speed to 60 km/h on an uphill into headwind, and in 45 minutes they took me the distance of nearly three hours on Wilson. By that stage my arm was ripping out of my back, and it was agonising when they jolted the motorcycle when changing gears!

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19 June
Comments Off on Cause keeps mum running

Cause keeps mum running

Running Roberta: Mount Annan resident Roberta Elston will run in this year’s City2Surf to raise money for schizophrenia research. Picture: Jonathan NgROBERTA Elston isn’t running away from schizophrenia — she’s running for it.
Nanjing Night Net

The Mount Annan resident will take part in her seventh Sun-Herald City2Surf on August 11 to raise money for research into the condition her 22-year-old son has been diagnosed with.

She said all the money raised would go towards finding a cure.

“Schizophrenia changes your life forever,” she said.

“The treatment they have now just dampen the symptoms but don’t get rid of it completely and the side effects are almost as bad.

“One day he said to me, ‘I wish I had cancer instead of this’.”

Mrs Elston began running with her son seven years ago as a form of therapy.

Since then she hasn’t stopped.

“It started mainly with him because he liked running but I kept going because it helped me cope too,” she said.

The 55-year-old has competed in a number of events including a half marathon.

She hopes to achieve a personal best time this year.

“My personal goal is to go under 90 minutes,” she said.

“My fastest in 91 minutes and last year I ran it in 95 minutes.”

Mr Elston has raised almost $5000 through previous events and she hoped for locals to get behind her cause again this year.

To donate visit fundraise.city2surf南京夜网.au/Roberta_Elston686.

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19 June
Comments Off on Fund-raising drive

Fund-raising drive

THE St John’s Anglican Church community has launched a drive to raise $4 million to build a multipurpose centre in Camden.
Nanjing Night Net

About 150 people attended a dinner last week to launch the St Johns Centre project — a 400-seat, two-storey hall, office space and meeting rooms on the church site.

The church hopes to open the centre in 2015.

Reverend Tony Galea said the launch was an opportunity to share the church’s “vision and our direction” with the community.

“We’ll be approaching businesses in the community asking them to lend support or materials in kind,” he said.

Mr Galea said he expected the community would use the centre for meetings, classes, indoor sport and youth activities.

“The centre isn’t just for church services; we really want the community to use it,” he said.

To make a donation, phone St John’s Anglican Church on 4655 1675.

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19 June
Comments Off on Raising money is Kay’s cup of tea

Raising money is Kay’s cup of tea

Put the kettle on: Kay and Daryl Sidman are ready to transform their backyard for their annual Biggest Morning Tea event. Picture: Jonathan NgKETTLES will be boiling overtime this month as hosts gear up for the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea events.
Nanjing Night Net

And back to do it all again is Grasmere’s Kay Sidman, who will host her 13th morning tea on Thursday, May 23.

Mrs Sidman said she was excited that Channel Seven sports reporter Jim Wilson would join her on the morning of her event.

“Jim will join us for an hour from 8.30am so people should come early,” she said.

Mrs Sidman was among a group of people whose fund-raising efforts were celebrated at the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea launch recently.

At last count, Mrs Sidman had raised $220,000 for cancer research, prevention and support services.

“When I say that number I think ‘Oh, gee’. That’s a lot of money that is helping a lot of people,” she said.

Mrs Sidman will kick off her all-day morning tea at 8am. Members of the Camden Breast Cancer Survivors will collect donations as people arrive and Camden Lions will cook a barbecue.

As well as a chocolate wheel and silent auction, there will also be stalls, massages and psychic readings.

Among the raffle prizes is an overnight stay at the Mercure in Gerringong, jewellery, a Vagabond lunchtime cruise and vouchers.

Kay Sidman’s Biggest Morning Tea is at 4 Sickles Drive, Grasmere.

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19 June
Comments Off on Lifetime of love

Lifetime of love

Margaret and Frank Tildsley celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary recently. Picture: Jeff de PasqualeA BLIND date set in motion a lifetime of love for Camden’s Margaret and Frank Tildsley.
Nanjing Night Net

The two, who have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, met at a dance in Camden and the attraction was instant.

“The first thing I noticed about him was his black curly hair and his big brown eyes,” Mrs Tildsley said.

“He had a lovely smile.”

Mr Tildsley was similarly smitten.

“She was nice to look at,” he said.

“You told someone I was a good sort, didn’t you?” Mrs Tildsley said.

The couple married on Anzac Day 1953 in Campbelltown and settled down in Camden.

Mr Tildsley was a well-known butcher in the area.

The couple have three children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Mrs Tildsley said the secret to a long-lasting marriage was being honest.

“Respect each other and love each other,” she said.

They celebrated their anniversary with friends and family at Carrington Care where they are now residents.

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19 June
Comments Off on Help our Salvos

Help our Salvos

THE Salvation Army Narellan is calling on Camden residents to take part in this year’s Red Shield Appeal.
Nanjing Night Net

Red Shield calling: Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal chairman, Camden MP Chris Patterson, and Narellan Salvation Army personnel Gai and Peer Cathcart are calling for volunteers for this year’s fund-raising drive. Picture: Jeff de Pasquale

The area’s Red Shield Appeal chairman, Camden MP Chris Patterson, said volunteers were needed to doorknock and man stationary collecting points.

The Red Shield Appeal is on Sunday, May 26, but there will be static donation points available over the whole weekend at Bunnings, Masters and McDonald’s.

Volunteers are needed on Saturday and Sunday for whatever time they have free.

“I very much understand how time-poor people are, but if anyone has time to give it is much appreciated,” Mr Patterson said.

“The best thing to my mind about the Salvos is they help so many people from every walk of life.”

The Salvation Army hopes to raise $79 million across Australia this year.

To volunteer locally contact Chris Patterson’s office on 4655 3333 or the Salvation Army Narellan on 4647 6132.

To donate visit www.salvos.org.au, call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58), in person at any Westpac branch, or post a cheque to PO Box 9888 in your capital city.

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19 June
Comments Off on Hard work helps Minto tame Camden Tigers

Hard work helps Minto tame Camden Tigers

On top: Minto defeated Camden Tigers 2-1 on Sunday. Picture: Sean CunninghamMINTO remain undefeated in this season’s M-League soccer competition following their 2-1 victory over Camden Tigers on Sunday.
Nanjing Night Net

It took just 60 seconds for Minto to hit the back of the net when their captain Adam Daly met a great cross to head home.

Daly drifted his header just inside the goalpost and out of reach of Tigers’ goalkeeper Brad Caldicott who almost kept the ball out.

Minto looked to have doubled their lead in the 34th minute when the ball was goalbound but Caldicott pulled off the save of the game when he flicked the ball off the line and turned it around the post for a corner.

Minutes before the break Daly had a great chance to double the lead but his header flashed just wide of the goal.

Minto coach Bill Garriock said his team had displayed “great fighting spirit” throughout the game. “It’s the first time this year we have really worked hard for each other and got the rewards,” Garriock said.

“The defence was outstanding and the midfield pushed forward, putting pressure on the Tigers.

“It was an outstanding captain’s knock by Adam Daly – his great early goal set the platform for an exciting game.

“Goalkeeper Jason Petty as usual was fantastic, stopping some aggressive attacks from the Tigers.

“Overall there was not a bad player on the park for us.”

Garriock urged his players to continue their impressive display during his half-time team talk. The team must have taken his advice on board as they extended the lead a few minutes after the restart when a Shannon Burgin strike hit the back of the net.

Tigers created plenty of chances in the goalmouth but Minto’s defensive line stood resolute in thwarting several attacks.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.